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Husker Womens Gymnastics

"In my real life, my duties include being an athletic trainer and physical therapist for the University of Nebraska athletic teams. One of my teams is the Women's Gymnastics. I actually have several teams for whom I am responsible including Women's Bowling, Rifle, and Womens's Golf. Because of what is called "a greater risk" of injury, I spend quite a bit of time with the Womens Gymnastics team. I am responsible for the health and medical care of 12 very special wonderful young women of which I am very proud. When they talk about Nebraska Sports Medicine, I really want them to feel that they ARE important here, as important as ANY athlete at Nebraska. These ladies are the hardest working athletes I know, and I am fortunate to be able to work with them. I enjoy almost every bit of it!"

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Nebraska 2015 Women's Gymnastics

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